Ten Little Indians

an Agatha Christie mystery 
in three acts 
directed by Marie Cunningham



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11-13, 18, 19 May

Eight guests assemble for cocktails before dinner at a remote country estate. They have been invited by a host who is unknown, even to the two servants. They are conversing and admiring the ten statuettes of little Indians on the mantle when a mysterious voice accuses all of them, including the butler and housekeeper, of murder. Then the first guest dies . . .

The scene of the play is in the living room of a house
on Indian Island, off the coast of Devon, England.

Act I. A summer evening in August.

Act II. Scene I. The following morning.

Act II. Scene II. Same day―afternoon.

Act III. Scene I. The same day―evening.

Act III. Scene II. The following afternoon.


in order of appearance:

Jason Fairchild―Mr. Rogers, the capable manservant

Amanda Vibelius―Mrs. Rogers, the cook

Robert White, Jr―Fred Narracott, the boatman

Donna Hardy―Vera Claythorne, an ex-governess

David Clark―Philip Lombard, a soldier-of-fortune

Chris Davis―Anthony Marston, a careless young man

Mark Jourdan―William Blore, a former investigator

Colin McAneny―General Mackenzie, a soldier

Beth Martin―Miss Emily Brent, a spinster

Andy Szuwalski―Sir Lawrence Wargrave, retired judge

Leah Johnson―Dr. Armstrong, an overworked physician

Production Staff

Director: Marie Cunningham

Assistant to Director: Jodie Johnson

Set Design - Master Carpenter: Byran Cunningham

Construction Assistants: David A. Johnson, David R. Johnson

Construction: Ben, Donna, & Jamie Hardy, Jo Beth
Britt, Matthew Shoenberger, Kerri Williams, David Clark, Alex Cunningham, David R., Leah, & David S. Johnson, Robert White, Jr., Meggie Welch, Melinda Morang, David A., Jodie, A.J., Ashley, & Allie Johnson

Production Assistant: Jason Fairchild

Light Design/Special Effects Consultant: Jim Shirley

Stage Crew: A.J. Johnson, Melinda Morang, Ashley Johnson, Kerri Williams, Ashlea Mosley

Light Board Operators: Jo Beth Britt, Robert White, Jr.

Grid Monkeys: Melinda Morang, A.J. Johnson, Kerri Williams, Steven Cunningham

Sound Tech: Jason Fairchild

Set Artists: Donna Hardy, Leah Johnson, Jodie Johnson

Costumes & Makeup: The Cast

Set and Props: Wholesale Imports, Jamie Jabour Upholstery, Beth Martin, Joyce Houston

Ceramic Indian Artists: Jo Beth Britt, Marie Cunningham, Allie & Ashley Johnson, Beth Martin, Marquita White, Alex Cunningham

Program Art Work: Anne Page

Program: Mike Calnan

Publicity: Terri Booth, David Clark, Mike Calnan

Wildlife Mounts Courtesy of Brett Hayes

Reception: Dani McAneny & Joyce Houston

Floral Arrangement Courtesy of The Village Green

Director’s Letter

You the audience are able to enjoy so many things that are all a part of a quality production. It is ONLY due to the assistance given by many willing people. They are listed for their support with the show, the props and the construction of the set. We have all shared hours and hours together since mid March. We have discussed the hows and whys, gotten grimy, tired and frustrated. Gone home to see all that needed to be done there, and returned to the building again the next day. We have learned so much about the time period, the characters, and each other! We experimented with color, texture, fabrics, and the finishing touches. I have watched as the young and old alike have worked—and played around—with the inflection and subtle nuances in the tone of voice. For some of the cast, this has been a once-in-a-lifetime chance—for others it is the long-awaited role. We have laughed so much together in the rehearsals—the hilarity we have had over just the movement of arms or holding a glass. For a murder mystery, this has been without a doubt the most fun I have ever had directing!

I love my theatre family—I thank each and every one of you for the incredible gift you have made of yourself in my life and to this community. I am often asked, 'why do you do so much—for a show—and not get paid?' It is all part of the reason for THEATRE—our imaginations have taken flight. We can have the total experience of being a different person, in a different time—in a place that may not exist. We can portray people and events that have taken place—and because of the Magic of Live Theatre, they will do so again.

Marie Cunningham, Director


A Very Special Thanks to Jim Shirley, Steven Cunningham, Colin McAneny, and Joe Bonelli for their superlative assistance!