youth theatre
produced by Jo Beth Britt  & Beth Martin

Auditions: 26-27 April 2003

Performances: 26-29 June 2003

Fairy Tale Theatre 2003 closed on 29 June. Click here to view photos of auditions, rehearsals,  performances, and other activities. Click here to view the program.


Thursday, June 26

10 am—The Princess and the Pea
7 pm—Rutherford Wolf - The Wizard of Oz in the Wild West

Friday, June 27

10 am—The Wizard of Oz in the Wild West
7 pm—Witches, Britches, Rings and Things - The Princess and the Pea

Saturday, June 28

2 pm—The Princess and the Pea - Rutherford Wolf
7 pm—The Wizard of Oz in the Wild West - Witches, Britches, Rings and Things

Sunday, June 29

2 pm—Witches, Britches, Rings and Things - Rutherford Wolf

Rutherford Wolf is the story of Little Red Riding Hood, only there is a small problem. The wolf is a vegetarian!

The Wizard of Oz in the Wild West has all of your favorite Oz characters in it, only instead of going to Oz, they end up in the Wild West.

Witches, Britches, Rings and Things is a storyteller play. The storyteller is a retired witch, who received a lovely quilt for her retirement. She sits and begins to tell her cat the stories which are woven into the fabric of the quilt.

The Princess and the Pea is the traditional fairy tale of the young woman who can feel the pea through all of the layers of mattresses, and proves to be the true princess.

  • For more info e-mail Jo Beth Britt or Jodie Johnson.

  • Auditions were Saturday and Sunday, 26-27 April, from 2-5 p.m. at the Parkside Playhouse.

  • Children registered in FTT can see as many of the FTT shows as they wish, no charge. All other adults and children must pay admission. Current VTG membership holders will be allowed admittance to one FTT play using their membership card, then must pay for all other attendance.

  • Ticket prices will be $4 for adults and $2 for children (age 12 & under).

Fairy Tale Theatre, established in 1985 by Don and Kathryn Resio and now in its eighteenth year, is open to children ages seven through eighteen. Through Fairy Tale Theatre, children have an opportunity to participate in all aspects of live theater. We strongly advocate participation in community theater, as it promotes leadership, responsibility, integrity, and creativity while offering young people an opportunity to showcase their talents. Each of the Fairy Tale plays is produced for children. Older children direct some of the productions, while children of all ages serve as performers and gain experience in areas of theatre such as learning lines, blocking, making costumes, helping with set construction, and working backstage. Fairy Tale Theater is often the only chance many of our young people have to be actively involved in the performing arts.


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