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Barry McCleave — 1948-2004

Barry, Gold in the Hills Producer since the early 90s, passed away on September 2nd, 2004 after a 14-month battle with cancer. He was at home with his wife Earlene and family friends. The funeral was Saturday September 4th at First Christian Church. Memorials may be sent to First Christian Church, 3005 Porters Chapel Road, Vicksburg, MS 39180. Click here to view Barry's obituary from the Vicksburg Post.

Barry was born on August 31, 1948, grew up in Jackson, and went to MSU. He had a PhD in Electrical Engineering. He worked as a manager trainee at U.S. Steel in Birmingham, Alabama, before joining the Army in 1970. He was a Hawk anti-aircraft missile electronics expert at Redstone Arsenal, Huntsville, Alabama in 1971 when the Army assigned him to the Waterways Experiment Station laboratory in Vicksburg to help design an analog computer model of the Mississippi River. He has been in Vicksburg at the Waterways Experiment Station ever since.

He married Earlene Broadus in November 1973. They eloped and had champagne and twinkies at their celebration party. The champagne was cooled in a small metal “Snoopy” trash can. Their 30th anniversary celebration in 2003 featured champagne, twinkies, and... the trash can.

Barry directed The Hobbit in November 2001 and Paint Your Wagon in September 2002. Barry's first role was the doctor in Cheaper by the Dozen. His other VTG roles have included a bungling pirate in Peter Pan and “Rodrigo,” the bungling assistant pirate in Babes in Toyland. (Barry claimed type casting.”)

He and Earlene also directed several Fairy Tale Theatre plays. Magic Rail was their first. They adapted The Worst Witch to stage by special permission of the author, Jill Murphy. They also directed Anne of Green Gables and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

Barry was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer the week before the 2003 summer run of Gold in the Hills. In Gold, Barry played “Hiram Stanley;” his last time was closing night of the 2003 summer run with his daughter Tiffany as “Nellie.” Barry was also a singing waiter in the sing-along; his last time was closing night of the 2004 spring run.

We miss him.


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