Vicksburg Theatre Guild
2004-2005 Season


The Taming of the Shrew
Rehearsal Schedule

6:30 each night

Tues Mar 29 at Holy Trinity Acts 3 and 4
Wed Mar 30 at the theatre
Thurs Mar 31 at Holy Trinity

Tues Apr 5  at Holy Trinity
Wed Apr 6 at the theatre
Thurs Apr 7 at Holy Trinity

Tuesday 4/19 - Act I through Act III scene 1
Wednesday 4/20 - Act III scene 2 through Act IV
Thursday 4/21 - Act V

Tuesday, April 26. Primarily Act V, scene 2 wedding celebration. Also trouble spots as time allows.
Wednesday, April 27. Clown staging for opening then start run-throughs.
Thursday, April 28. Another attempt at a run through based on Wednesday's result.

Saturday, April 30. Mega tech day at the playhouse. Seamstresses bring your sewing machines. We'll be completing the set, making props, set pieces, and costumes.

Sunday, May 1. Afternoon. It would be nice if we can have a rehearsal here.

A major portion of the cast has requested an additional Monday tonight. I will not be there until after 8 pm but Dorothy will be acting in my stead. Normal start time, 6:30.

This week the younger members of our cast have State testing at school and need to get in bed at a reasonable hour. If we can start promptly-ish at 6:30 we can be finished by 8:15-ish, lets try and accommodate their needs.

Tuesday's rehearsal will be a make-up check. You need to get to the theatre early enough to have it on so we can start at 6:30. Any corrections can be done at the intermission break or after rehearsal is over.

Wednesday will be a full dress rehearsal (no make-up required unless otherwise specified). Be at the theatre early enough for 6:30 curtain.

Thursday, if all goes well with costumes Wednesday, will be a regular continuity run unless we decide to forego it all together.

Friday, May 6. Opening night. Cast call at 6:00 PM, Curtain at 7:30 PM.


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