2006 Fairy Tale Theatre Orientation

Orientation will start at 1:00pm May 13th!

See the orientation plan below. As children and their parents arrive the parents will start any paperwork needed while the children are formed into small groups and led by a guide to one of the stations. (They may not all start with the first station if several groups are formed at the same time, but the guides will make sure they get to all stations.)

The groups will go to make-up, costume, voice/motion and shop areas for ~10minutes of instruction at each. When they are finished they will go to the auditorium and wait for orientation to start.

The people scheduled to work are:

  • Make-up Larry Thomas (back-up Richard Van Den Akker).

  • Costuming Earlene McCleave.

  • Voice/motion Amy Bednar (back-up Terri Booth)

  • Shop Will Halpin or Garrett Wallace

  • Registration/Membership Jodie Johnson and Mike Calnan

  • Guides FTT directors, techs etc.