“The Foreigner” Audition Form

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Part (if known) Summary of Characters

Prior Stage Experience:
List the last three plays you’ve been in; if none, just put “None”!!

Are you willing to accept any part offered?

If not offered a part, would you help backstage? (set building, costumes, tech, lighting, etc.)

List any conflicts you may have in the next three months that may cause problems (Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays)

Director’s Notes…

First of all, please consider that if you accept a part, you will have committed to being in the play; the hardest thing for a director to do is to have to replace someone who has dropped out, doesn’t show up, or doesn’t follow directions. I certainly understand that conflicts come up; if I know about them beforehand, I can work around them. Talk to me; I’ll promise you that, with the exception of absences during performances, we can deal with anything that comes up!!

This is a fun, wild show, full of surprises and crazy stuff! We’ll have a great time doing it- good luck!

Jim Miller